How can you prevent your drain from being clogged?

Here at KAM we are industry leading experts when it comes to domestic plumbing and drainage, and resolving any domestic blocked drains is one of our top services. So how can you prevent your drain from being clogged?

What kind of problems do blocked drains cause?

Blocked drains can cause a number of problems and issues including:

  • Foul odours- blocked drains can create a terrible smell of sewage when you run the water and this is not just unpleasant but it can also be very unhygienic.
  • Slow drainage- drain blockages cause the water and waste to drain very slowly away, with the blockage causing the flow to slow to little more than a trickle sometimes. The slow flow of water also causes the drains to make a lot of noise.
  • Drain flies- drain blockages can cause drain flies to appear. These flies thrive in slow or stagnant water, which can be caused in drains due to blockages, and they may make their way indoors causing disruption to your daily life.

So, how can you prevent your drain from being blocked?

There are a number of steps you can take to prevent your drains from becoming clogged. These steps include:

  • Not pouring greases or oils down the sink- grease and oil are one of the main causes of drain blockages especially in the kitchen sink. Not only are greases and oils not broken down properly by water, but when hot grease cools down, it solidifies. This can cause a solid blockage in your pipes, that will also smell awful too. This can be completely prevented by not pouring the greases or oils down the sink.
  • Putting food scraps in the bin- food scraps that make their way down the drain, particularly from the kitchen sink, can be a major source of drain blockage, and cause awful smells from the drain too. By not putting food scraps down the sink, and instead scraping these into the bin or specific container first, you can prevent this from causing a drain blockage or from creating foul odours from the drain.
  • Use a hair catcher- hair is one of the most common problems for shower and bath drains and it can be impossible to prevent hair from going down unless you use a hair catcher. Simply place the hair catcher over the drain before using the shower or bath and any hair that would have entered the drain drain instead be trapped and caught  the hair catcher can then be removed and cleaned regularly. 

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