Advantages of Autumn gutter maintenance 

Here at KAM we are industry leading experts when it comes to domestic and commercial plumbing and drainage, and resolving any blocked gutters is something we excel at. But what are the benefits of cleaning your gutters in the Autumn months?

What are the advantages of Autumn gutter maintenance? 

For both commercial and residential properties, cleaning out the gutters is an important task for the structural safety of your property. Clear guttering allows drains and downpipes to stay clean and flowing all year round and this should be a key part of your drain maintenance. In fact, clearing the guttering in the Autumn season can bring a number of benefits including:

  • Removing leaves and debris 
  • Preventing standing water
  • Insurance purposes 

Autumn gutter maintenance can remove leaves and debris 

The Autumn weather is notorious for falling leaves and these can cause all sorts of havoc including blocking gutters and drains. Leaves often fall into the guttering where they stack together and begin to rot and decompose. This is the perfect environment for mold and bacteria to build up and this can lead to damage to pipes and guttering itself. 

In addition, when the guttering is full of leaves, rain water and roof run off water will not be able to flow through the guttering and will not be diverted from the roof in the way that it should be. Instead, in heavy rain, the water may overflow from the gutter and pour down the side of the building instead. The repeated action of this heavy flow of water can cause structural damage to the windowsills and walls beneath, which can be costly to repair. Autumn gutter cleaning can remove these blockages and prevent this damage from occurring.

Autumn gutter maintenance can prevent standing water

When the gutters are blocked with leaves and debris standing water can also become a problem. When the rain water can’t be taken away from the roof properly, it can pool in the gutter, stuck between blockages and leaves. This creates a number of issues including:

  • Increasing the weight within the guttering which causes it to bow and bend. This increases the risk of water tipping out of the guttering and running down the building. 
  • Increasing the risk of freezing pipes and guttering because when standing water is left within the guttering during cold nights, this can freeze. This will again increase the weight wright the guttering, causing damage, but it can also lead eventually to water ingress into your property too.
  • Increasing the risk of pipe damage because standing water is the perfect environment for bacteria and mold to form, leading to corrosion and damage to plastic guttering.

By opting for professional guttering clearance in the Autumn months, these outcomes can be prevented, and your guttering can be protected through the winter.

Autumn gutter maintenance is important for insurance purposes 

Finally, for many commercial and residential properties, insurance companies expect gutter maintenance to be carried out. This means that if damage is caused to your property as a result of a guttering issue, your insurance company may not pay out.

Here at KAM gutter cleaning, drainage and plumbing services are something we excel at and you can count on our top notch customer service as well. So why not get in touch with the team today?