Causes of household leaks

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What are the most common causes of household leaks?

There are a number of potential causes of leaks within your household, and many of these will require a domestic plumber or heating engineer to resolve. The most common causes of household leaks include:

  • Bad tap installation
  • Leak from bath or shower
  • Leaking or burst pipes
  • Leaking boiler pipes

Faulty tap installations can cause household leaks

Dripping taps are a common household annoyance whether it’s in the kitchen or the bathroom. This dripping can be caused by a number of factors including:

  • An overtightened tap- over tightening the tap can cause the seal to break or be damaged, causing water to drip from the tap. This can be resolved with a replacement tap or a repair.
  • A broken washer- sometimes a leaky tap is caused by a loose or broken washer inside the tap which can be an easy fix.
  • Faulty tap installation- taps that are not installed correctly are likely to leak continuously and need to be resolved by a professional. It’s likely that the taps will need to be replaced completely and new taps will need to be installed.

Leaks from the bath and shower are common household leak issues

If there is a leak coming from underneath your bath or your shower this can be indicative of a problem with the water pipes in your home and will need immediate attention.  A lot of water can be carried in these pipes, both the hot and cold water feed, and this can cause extensive property damage if it is left unchecked. 

Burst pipes can cause household leaks

Burst pipes are one of the most common causes of household leaks. Pipes can burst for a number of reasons including a build up of internal rust and grime causing damage to the pipework and allowing water to escape, as well as changes in temperatures. This is why external pipes and those in garages are advised to be thermally protected for the winter weather.

Unfortunately, many household leaks can go unnoticed for some time, with the problem only being identified once visual damage is caused in the property. 

Household leaks can also be caused by leaking boiler pipes

Leaking boiler pipes are one of the most common causes of household leaks and these leaks can be caused by a number of factors including:

  • Corrosion- corrosion can cause damage to pipes in the boiler and this can result in water escaping over time.
  • Boiler pressure is too high- if the boiler pressure is too high this can cause the boiler to let out some excess water to prevent the unit from imploding!
  • Boiler pump seals- A boiler pump pumps water around your home’s heating system and so if this isn’t sealed correctly, then the water can leak out.

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