Signs that tree roots are affecting your drains

Home drainage is something that we all take for granted, but when there is a problem or an issue this will need to be resolved quickly and professionally. Tree roots are a common cause of drain issues, but how can you tell if tree roots are causing a problem for your drains? Well, here at KAM we are the North West’s leading drainage specialists and this is our guide to everything you should know about tree roots and drainage.

How do tree roots enter domestic drains?

Tree roots are one of the most common issues to affect domestic drains and these can enter the drains usually in either one of two ways:

  • Through cracks or holes in the properties foundation
  • Through broken or leaking pipes, especially those in walls or floor joists

What are the key signs that tree roots are affecting your drains?

There are a number of indicators to be aware of when identifying a tree root problem or issue with your domestic drainage. These signs include:

  • Slow drainage
  • Unpleasant smells from the drain
  • Noises in the drain
  • Unexplained leaks 
  • Blue stains

Tree roots and slow drainage

One of the first indicators that your drain may be negatively impacted by tree roots is a change in the speed of drainage. This is because tree roots cause an obstruction or blockages within the drain, which prevents the water from flowing properly. This can result in sinks taking longer to drain, and the toilet taking longer than usual to fill up after being flushed. 

Tree roots and unpleasant smells from the drain

If your domestic drains have an unexplained unpleasant smell then tree roots could be the problem. This is because tree roots can grow into sewer pipes and cause them to become clogged with debris, soil and organic matter which can build up causing a decaying smell. If this is a repeat issue, damage can even be caused to the inner walls of the pipes and this results in them crumbling and breaking over time.

Tree roots can cause noises in the drain

Tree roots move against the sides of the pipes and this causes a range of noises. You may hear running water within the drain when you turn on the tap for example, or you may hear clanking or gurgling sounds.

Tree roots can be the cause of unexplained leaks

Tree roots can interfere with pipes anywhere, including at the join between two pipes and even the main drainage pipe, and if the tree roots do indeed grow inside these, leaks can become an issue. This may even require some sections of drainage to be removed fully for repair.

Tree roots in the drain can cause blue stains

Blue stains in the sink or the bath are most often caused by cracks in the internal pipework, caused by tree roots. These cracks can result in blue staining die to the bacteria leaking out of the pipe. While this is not something that will make you ill, it is unsightly. 

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