When is a CCTV commercial drain survey necessary?

Keeping your commercial drains running efficiently and effectively is an important consideration for any business. Not only is this necessary for hygiene and sanitation, but this is also important for compliance with regulations. CCTV drain surveys can be very beneficial for commercial drain maintenance and for identifying problems. But when is a CCTV commercial drain survey necessary? 

What is a CCTV drain survey?

A CCTV drain survey uses advanced camera technology to inspect and assess the condition of drainage networks. This allows areas of the drain to be investigated that may otherwise be very difficult to get to, and can help to identify potential issues that may otherwise go unnoticed.

So, when is a CCTV commercial drain survey necessary?

A CCTV drain survey for your commercial drain can be absolutely necessary in a number of different circumstances. These include:

  • During property acquisitions
  • Regular maintenance
  • Renovations or expansions
  • Recurrent drain problems
  • Compliance with regulations 

CCTV commercial drain surveys for property acquisitions 

Firstly, during property acquisitions or pre-purchase inspections, a CCTV drain survey can be a great option. This allows the existing drainage structure to be fully assessed, bringing to light any issues or problems with the existing infrastructure. This could include finding any leaks, blockages or damage. As a result, a CCTV drain survey can allow you to take a proactive approach before purchasing a property, and can help you avoid expensive drainage problems and costly repairs in the future.

Regular maintenance 

Regular maintenance is another scenario where CCTV drain surveys shine. For commercial properties, where extensive drainage systems are often in place, routine inspections are essential to ensure optimal functionality. This is because scheduled surveys can detect early signs of deterioration, preventing minor problems from escalating into major, costly repairs. This proactive maintenance strategy enhances the longevity of the drainage system, minimising disruptions to your business.

Renovations or expansions 

In instances where a property is undergoing renovations or expansions, a CCTV drain survey can be very important. This is because construction activities can inadvertently impact drainage systems, leading to damage or blockages. As a result, conducting a pre-construction survey can bring potential issues to light, so that these can be resolved and addressed before construction begins. This can help to prevent further complications from raising during or after the renovation process and help you avoid costly repairs and structural damage.

Recurrent drainage problems 

If your business is experiencing recurrent drainage issues, a CCTV drain survey can be a highly beneficial diagnostic tool. Whether your drain is experiencing slow drainage, foul odours, or frequent blockages, a CCTV drain survey can get to the bottom of the problem and allow this to be repaired or resolved.

Compliance with regulations 

Finally, compliance with environmental regulations and health standards is a significant consideration for commercial properties. Regular CCTV drain surveys demonstrate that your company is making a commitment to environmental responsibility by identifying and rectifying issues that could lead to pollution or contamination. This not only aligns with regulatory requirements but also safeguards the reputation of your business.

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