Causes of unusual boiler noises

Unusual noises from the boiler are one of the most common boiler complaints. But what are the causes of these unusual noises? And what should you do about it?

What are the most common causes of unusual boiler noises?

There are a number of different factors that can lead to your boiler making unusual noises. These include:

  • Trapped air
  • Limescale build up 
  • Boiler kettling
  • Faulty pump
  • Burner problems 

Trapped air 

One of the most common reasons for your boiler to be making noises is simply because of air trapped in the system. If air becomes trapped in your boiler system, this will lead to gurgling or bubbling sounds as the air moves through pipes and radiators. This is a common issue that is also known as airlock and it can be problematic for the circulation of hot water. This is because the air causes blockages in the pipes, and prevent hot water from moving through the system effectively. As a result, this can cause uneven heating and increase the strain on the boiler. to resolve this issues, a professional team can bleed your radiators, releasing trapped air and restoring balance within the system for highly effective results. 

Limescale build up 

Peculiar boiler noises that are fairly loud and distracting can also be caused by a build up of limescale in the heat exchanger. This occurs when minerals from the water entering the heat exchanger are left behind during the evaporation process, and calcium carbonate, or limescale, accumulates. This accumulation can interfere with the heat exchanger process, and as a result, when your boiler is running you may experience distinctive and recognisable banging or knocking noises that can be distracting. To resolve this issue you should be sure to descale the boiler regularly.

Boiler kettling causes unusual boiler noises

Sludge or debris building up in the heat exchanger can lead to boiler kettling. This is a distinctive noise, very similar to a boiling kettle, and this noise is caused by the disruption to the water flow that the sludge causes. Because the water cannot flow freely and is impeded by the debris and sludge, the water will begin to overheat. To resolve this issue, power flushing can be very beneficial. This is a process that involves cleaning out the accumulated debris and restoring the boiler’s normal operation.

Faulty pump

Faulty pump operation is another potential cause of unusual noises. The pump is responsible for circulating hot water through the system, and any malfunction can lead to irregular flow and noise. Pump issues may range from a loose impeller to motor malfunctions and it’s important that professional servicing and maintenance is undertaken to prevent pump-related disturbances.

Burner problems cause unusual boiler noises

Finally, the burner assembly can contribute to strange noises if not functioning correctly. Issues such as a dirty or misaligned burner can lead to inefficient combustion, resulting in a range of sounds from rumbling to popping. Regular cleaning and maintenance of the burner assembly can prevent these disturbances and ensure optimal performance.

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