Updating your domestic radiators

While a boiler update is something that many properties have to consider at some point, radiators are often not updated at the same time. If your radiators are more than 15 years old, it could be a good idea to consider an upgrade. But what are the benefits of updating your domestic radiators?

What are the advantages of updating your domestic radiators?

You could breathe new life into your property with new radiators, as these can bring a wide range of advantages and benefits, including:

  • Increasing heating efficiency
  • New technology
  • Choice of materials and styles

New domestic radiators can increase heating efficiency

One of the biggest reasons to consider updating the radiators in your property is to increase energy and heating efficiency. Every aspect of a radiator has improved in recent years, from the metals used to the paint, and radiators are also now held to a much higher standard to achieve the EN442 Kite Mark requirements. In practice, this means that a new radiator can be up to 50% more efficient than your existing radiators! This can make a noticeable difference to your heating bill, and can help keep your property warm.

In addition to the improved build quality, new radiators can also replace old ones that may be filled with sludge. Sludge gathers in radiators and is caused by a variety of factors including limescale build up and corrosion. When identified early, this sludge can be removed by power flushing, but with an older and corroded radiator, this sludge could easily return. New radiators are often cleaner systems with materials that do not rust or corrode so easily. 

Modern radiators use new technology

From smart thermostats to modern designs to channel water more efficiently, new radiators make use of a range of new technology. All of these changes and developments can improve radiator performance, helping to keep your home warm, while also saving on energy costs. Smart thermostats for example allow you to have increased control of your heating setting, though a mobile app. This will make switching your radiators off and on, and adjusting the setting for your requirements easier than ever.

Updating your domestic radiators means more design choice

Domestic radiator design has changed along with the technology and this means that you have more choice about the material of the radiator, as well as the visual design, and even the colour. All of this can help to boost your interior design, from modern and contemporary grey, aluminum, vertical radiators, to traditional, white horizontal radiators, there is sure to be something to complement your style.

What are the different radiator options to consider?

Radiators are available in a range of styles and designs that can complement your interior design while also improving the heating and thermal efficiency of your property. When upgrading your domestic radiators, the different radiator options include:

  • Horizontal radiators
  • Vertical radiators
  • Column radiators

For professional radiator installation, you need to hire a team that can be trusted, like us here at KAM. We have the skills and expertise to deliver top quality plumbing and drainage services for domestic properties across the North West, including new radiator installations. Why not get in touch today to find out more?