Advantages of cleaning domestic drainage gullies

Keeping domestic drains flowing and free of blockages is an important consideration for any homeowner, but what are domestic gullies? And what are the advantages of cleaning domestic drainage gullies?

What are drainage gullies?

A drainage gully is a type of drainage fitting that has an open top, a definite base and an outlet to at least one side. Gullies can be divided into two different categories, road gullies and domestic gullies.

A road gully is a robust and hard wearing gully designed to withstand heavy road traffic while taking away surface water from the road.

A domestic gully is designed to drain wastewater from your washing machine, dishwasher, bath, shower and sink, as well as surface water and rain from the guttering, into the appropriate drains.

In both instances, the purpose of the gully is to remove and drain water that could potentially cause flooding.

What are the advantages of cleaning domestic drainage gullies?

Keeping domestic drainage gullies fully functioning and free of blockages and build ups is important for a number of reasons, including:

  • Preventing flooding
  • Preventing bad smells
  • Preventing household leaks

Cleaning domestic drainage gullies can prevent flooding

Flooding is not only inconvenient but it can cause significant property damage and be detrimental to your home. Because a domestic gully is designed to take all kinds of grey wastewater away from your property, and also reduce surface rainwater, in wet weather it can be possible for these to become overloaded, leading to water pooling around the gully and being slow to drain. However, if there is a blockage of leaves or debris in the gully, this will prevent the water from draining at all, causing a much larger flood. Professionally removing debris and blockages from the domestic gully is the best option here, especially when you choose KAM. This is because we have the tools and equipment needed to clear blockages from all types of gully including p-trap gullies. 

Bad smells can be reduced by cleaning domestic drainage gullies

A build up of debris of bacteria in your domestic gully can cause bad smells around the sinks in the home, as well as outside around the gully itself. This will usually also be accompanied by slow drainage in the bathroom or kitchen, because if a gully is blocked enough to smell, it is also going to struggle to drain water effectively. The most effective remedy for this is to have the gully cleaned or repaired, and to have the blockage removed. This is a service that we provide, here at KAM.

A clean domestic gully can prevent household leaks

Blocked drains are one of the leading causes of household leaks across the UK and this is because the water cannot be carried away from the property, and the pipes properly, because of a build up or blockage. Over time blockages can be formed in pipes, as well as in the domestic gully itself, which leads to an increase of pressure on your pipes, reducing flow efficiency and causing broken pipes and leaks. A professional team like ours here at KAM can clear any blockages, large or small from your domestic drains or gullies and ensure that your drainage system is fully efficient. 

For more information or advice, get in touch with Preston’s leading domestic drainage experts here at KAM.