Signs of a blocked domestic drain

Here at KAM we are industry leading experts when it comes to domestic plumbing and drainage, and resolving any domestic blocked drains is one of our top services. But how can you tell when your drains are blocked? And when should you call a professional?

What are the most common signs of a blocked domestic drain?

Any domestic drain can become blocked and there are a number of tell tale signs that can be highly noticeable when this happens. These signs include:

  • Slow drainage
  • Unusual sounds
  • Bad odours

Slow drainage is a sign of a blocked drain

If your kitchen sink, bathroom sink, shower, bath or toilet are taking a long time to drain this can be a key signal that your drain is blocked. If the blockage is particularly bad, then the water may not drain away at all. This can occur in just one fixture but for severe blockages, or for a blocked sewer drain, you will notice that more than one of your fixtures are experiencing this issue. If you notice this issue in any of your sinks, flushing the toilet can give you a good idea of the extent of the problem. If you flush the toilet and this causes the water to rise in the shower, you can definitely identify a blocked drain. Alternatively, if running the taps causes the water in your toilet to rise, then the problem is definitely a blocked drain. 

Unusual sounds can be a sign of a blocked drain

If you are hearing unusual sounds from your drain this can be a key indicator of a blockage. If these noises are heard without any other signs of a blockage, such as a smell or slow drainage, there may just be a small blockage that is still allowing water to flow. In fact, water moving past the blockage is possibly the source of the noise, or the noise can be caused by air trapped in the pipes by the blockage, and as this air is pushed through the system or displaced, pies and fixtures can be heard gurgling. It is important to note that even small or minor blockages will need to be resolved quickly and effectively, by a professional team, to prevent further damage. 

Bad odours are a sign of a blocked drain

Finally, one of the most common signs of a blocked drain is a bad odour. This is also one of the most notable signs of a drain blockage. Any unusual smells that you identify from the sink, bath, shower or toilet are usually the most obvious indicators of an underlying problem. If something has clogged the drain and is starting to rot, you’ll soon be able to smell it, and it will be quite unmistakable. In fact, most of the time, bad smells will arise before any visual symptoms are identified. As a result, it’s essential that any unusual odours around the home that can’t be readily identified, are not ignored.

Here at KAM domestic drainage and plumbing services are something we excel at and you can count on our top notch customer service as well. So why not get in touch with the team today?