Common plumbing problems for old properties

Older properties are often admired for architectural features and design. But these can also experience a number of plumbing issues and problems that can cause damage or disruption. So what are the most common plumbing problems for old properties? And how can these be resolved?

What are the most common plumbing problems for old properties?

Older properties can have a number of different problems associated with the plumbing and pipes. These can include:

  • Pipe related issues 
  • Sewer line problems 
  • Fixture problems
  • Connection problems 

Pipe related issues in old properties

Older homes and houses can experience a number of pipe related issues and problems including:

  • Pipe damage and corrosion- no matter the material used for your pipes, if these are more than 20 years old, they are likely to be experiencing some damage or corrosion. This can cause a range of common plumbing issues including leaks anywhere around your property.
  • Low water pressure- low water pressure is often associated with pipe issues in older properties. This can be caused by a number of issues including blockages and clogs, as well as pipe damage that allows small amounts of water to escape.
  • Discoloured water- discoloured water from your taps can be unhealthy and it is a clear sign of pipe corrosion and rust, with the damage causing the water to change colour.

Sewer line problems in old properties

As well problems with plumbing and pipes there can also be issues with the sewer line in old properties. This is not something that is usually noticed until foul smelling waste water is clogging your drains and coming back up. Damage to sewer lines can be caused by a range of factors including tree root damage, or by remodeling or renovation work. Any damage or problems with the sewer line will need to be addressed and fixed by a team of trusted professionals like us here at KAM Maintenance. 

Fixture problems in old properties 

As well as significant issues with pipes and sewer lines, older properties can experience problems with fixtures and fittings. From small issues like broken taps and missing washers to larger fixture problems with sinks or baths that have been incorrectly plumbed, there are a number of different problems that can occur in older properties. For professional advice and repair, you need a team you can rely on like us here at KAM.

Connection problems in old properties 

Finally, in terms of plumbing problems in old properties there are also issues associated with the connection and supply line. These connectors generally need replacing every few decades as they are not designed to last forever. This means that wear and tear will cause damage over time, leading to leaks and low water flow.

Professional plumbing solutions here at KAM

For old properties or new, you need to hire a professional and reliable team to resolve any of your plumbing issues. Here at KAM, our team have an outstanding customer service reputation, and our experience and expertise can help to resolve any plumbing problem. Why not get in touch today to find out more?