Causes of a leaky tap

While a leaky tap may be less significant than a full blown flood it is still something that can be very irritating and distracting, and it can even ruin your sleep. But what are the causes of a leaky tap and how can this be resolved?

What are the causes of a leaky tap?

A leaky tap can be caused by a number of different factors, which include:

  • A broken washer
  • High water pressure
  • Pipe problems
  • Damaged valves
  • Faulty handle

Broken washers and leaky taps

The most common cause for any leaky tap is a worn out washer. This is a small piece of plastic or rubber positioned inside the tap. This is designed to create a seal to prevent water from leaking out. Over time, the washer can become worn or damaged, which allows water to seep out of the gap and results in a slowly dripping tap. Replacing the washer is typically a simple and inexpensive fix for this problem.

How can high water pressure cause leaky taps?

High water pressure is a less well known cause of leaky taps but if the pressure is too high, water cannot flow effectively. Too much water pressure will actually cause water to back up and find another path, and if this cannot be achieved, it will start to drip out of your taps. A professional team like us here at KAM will be able to test your water pressure, identify the causes, and resolve the issue, carrying out repairs where needed. 

Leaky taps and pipe problems

Damaged or faulty pipes can also lead to leaky taps. This could include cracks, corrosion or even damage from tree roots. If your pipes are damaged, this will cause a fluctuation in water pressure around your property, and as discussed above, this pressure will cause leaky taps.

It’s important to note that any pipe problems will likely have larger and more obvious impacts than just a dripping tap, and these may include unpleasant smells, discoloured water and much larger leaks.

Damaged valve seat and leaky taps

Another of the common reasons for leaky taps is a damaged valve seat. If the tap is an older one, corrosion can become an issue. The valve seat is what the washer closes onto, and over time this may change shape slightly and become worn.this means that water can escape through any gaps and your tap will constantly drip.

Faulty handles and leaky taps

Finally, poor installation of the taps themselves, especially the tap handles can cause a leaking or drippy tap. This is because the tap handles are connected to the valve stem, which controls the flow of water. If the handle is loose, it can cause the valve stem to be out of alignment, which can result in water leaking out of the tap. Tightening the handle should fix this problem.

Professional domestic plumbing solutions

Here at KAM we have the skills and expertise to resolve all of your domestic plumbing problems. From leaky taps to new installations, and even clearing blockages, we have the equipment and knowledge to resolve any issue. Why not get in touch today to find out more?