Advantages of ACO drains for commercial properties

An ACO drain is a type of channel drain that can provide a uniquely effective way of removing wastewater from car parks and hardstanding areas, as well as other paved or concrete-covered surfaces. This means that these are often used across the UK for commercial properties, from shopping centres to industrial complexes. But what are the advantages of ACO drains for commercial properties? And why should you consider installing this type of drainage system?

What are the advantages of ACO drains for commercial properties?

There are a number of benefits and advantages to ACO drains for commercial properties. These include:

  • Efficient water management 
  • Increased durability
  • Aesthetic design
  • Low maintenance
  • Compliance
  • Cost efficiency
  • Enhanced safety 

ACO drains offer efficient water management

One of the biggest advantages of ACO drains is the way that they efficiently manage the flow of water. These are designed to allow for the rapid removal of surface water, preventing flooding and water damage in local areas. With the prevalence of flooding in the UK increasing, this is becoming more important than ever before. In commercial properties in particular, preventing water accumulation is crucial to ensure a safe and hazard-free environment for employees, customers, and visitors.

ACO drains offer increased durability

Commercial properties often experience heavy foot and vehicle traffic and this is something the drains need to be able to withstand. ACO drains are built for such conditions as these are made from robust materials that can endure the stresses of daily use, making them a long-lasting solution for drainage needs. This can reduce maintenance and upkeep costs and prevents the need for costly repairs.

Aesthetic appeal

ACO drains are not only highly practical and effective functionally, but these also offer an improved aesthetic appeal. Available in a wide range of designs and materials, to match the style of the property, ACO drains can offer a professional finish to your commercial property. This can ensure that the drainage system seamlessly blends in with the surroundings and provides a high end visual result. This enhances the overall appearance of the property and can help to draw in more customers or clients.

ACO drains are low maintenance

Maintaining drainage systems in commercial properties can be a challenge, but ACO drains are relatively low-maintenance. Their self-cleaning properties help prevent debris and dirt buildup, reducing the need for frequent cleaning and maintenance. This can help to save your business money in the long run, while also ensuring a hygienic, safe environment for guests, clients, customers or staff.

ACO drains offer compliance with regulations

It is essential for any commercial company to adhere to regulations and standards, which include drainage requirements. Adhering to such standards is not only a legal requirement but also a responsibility towards the community and the environment. ACO drains are the perfect choice as these meet the stringent regulations and standards in the UK. 


While the initial cost of ACO drains may be slightly higher than traditional drainage systems, they offer substantial long-term cost savings. Their durability and reduced maintenance requirements translate into lower operational expenses over time. These drains also ensure legal compliance which prevents costly fines.

ACO drains offer enhanced safety

Finally, another of the advantages of ACO drains for commercial properties is that these offer improved safety. In commercial properties, slip and trip hazards are a significant concern, and ACO drains help to reduce such risks by efficiently draining away water from surfaces, preventing slippery conditions during rainy or wet weather.

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